Friday, April 4, 2014

Greater Kansas City Day

Had a really fun time giving out free commemorative copies of the Kansas City Star newspaper this morning with my Life 88.5 colleagues in return for donations to help disabled kids go to camp.  The "commemorative" part of the newspaper was dedicated to the Kansas City Royals baseball team which has their home opener today.

I had a lot more fun doing this than I thought I would considering we had to be onsite at 6 a.m. during a pretty cold and windy morning.  There were a few people who weren't very nice, but they were the minority by far.  So many were incredibly generous - like the lady who stopped and said, "I'll take another, please."  She handed me a $20 bill and took a second paper.

My Life 88.5 co-worker, Shauna, would tell people, "...the waves are free!"  We got a lot of smiles from people who weren't even planning to get a paper.  Maybe we made their day a bit brighter.  I know, for sure, that there will be some really happy kids going to camp this summer because of very generous people in Kansas City.

One other thing.  We got a little news coverage at the event, too.  You see Shauna first, then me second.  Check out the video below.